I Love How the Shutters Look

I had plastic blinds for many years. I didn’t have the same ones though. I wish it would have worked out that way, but they just got too damaged by the sun’s exposure. I did not like the way they would discolor, so I would replace them as soon as I noticed they would start getting a different color. I figured it was just something I had to put up with, but that was just until I found out that I did have other options available to me. When I first saw the orange county shutters that my neighbor had ordered, I knew that I was going to get some as well.

I wasn’t even considering that they would not be damaged by the sun, because I figured that any window treatments that I ordered would have that problem. My neighbor was quite educated on these particular shutters though and was able to answer all of my questions. I asked her how she knew so much, and that is when she told me that she just read their website. I was surprised that a company would have that much information about their products on their site, so I went there myself and read what she had already told me.

She did a great job in selling the idea to me, because her info was extremely accurate. I looked at the different types of shutters that they offer as well as the generous prices that they were able to discount for customers. I called and scheduled an appointment for someone to come out to my house and help me get the ball rolling. Even that was simple and pleasant, and it did not take long for me to have my order placed. As soon as it was ready, professional installers came out to put them up. I absolutely love how they look!